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Repurposing Kearny Point for the Makers of Today

WXY-designed Kearny Point Building 78 was recently celebrated in the Commerical Observer alongside Hugo Neu CEO Wendy Neu for "bringing the creative office revolution". The transformation of the former shipyard was also featured in the Design Curial, as part of a new wave of former industrial buildings that have found success by honoring the manufacturing heritage of the built space, while repurposing them for the makers of today.


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A Long Island Campground Gets a Bunch of New Modern Cabins

WXY’s prototype cabins for the New York State Parks Department have recently been featured in a number of articles. “Bright and cheery with plenty of natural light” a review in Dwell said, “Embracing the great outdoors, large windows give campers views of nature from every room.” Curbed noted their, “sleek forms, natural materials, and open, light-filled interiors” and The Architect’s Newspaper wrote, “While the usual image of a cabin in the woods is claustrophobic, window-starved and lacking in amenities, WXY’s design is anything but.”

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Editorial: ‘Water needs an architectural embrace’

Read The Architecture Review's article on Blue Dunes by WXY's Claire Weisz and the Harvard Graduate School of Design's Jesse Keenan. The Architecture Review writes, "Weisz and her multi-disciplinary practice WXY have for many years been rethinking design approaches to infrastructure, which at worst can be a case of ‘do the engineering and paste on some design afterwards’. The practice doesn’t just investigate theoretical propositions, however. Its latest design project is of heroic scale – the reconstruction of the eight-mile long Rockaway Boardwalk in Queens, New York, which was wrecked by Hurricane Sandy. Federal aid totalling more than $140 million was made available to restore Rockaway Beach, and the second phase of that programme, now complete, comprises an improved and enhanced boardwalk."

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New New York: Designers Select NYC’s Most Iconic New Architecture

In a new article, Metropolis reached out to more than 35 architects, designers, and key influencers to nominate their favorite recently constructed, must-see buildings, interiors, and public spaces any visitor should experience. Four of them picked WXY's Spring Street Salt Shed and one picked the SeaGlass carousel. Jake Barton, principal and founder of Local Projects said, "The SeaGlass places visitors at the depth of the ocean, inviting them to explore and experience another world just beyond the shoreline of Manhattan. This magical journey sums up the weird and wonderful world that lies just beyond!” And Cynthia E. Smith, curator of socially responsible design, at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, said of the Salt Shed, “Celebrating the utilitarian crystalline salt that keeps New York City’s streets safe during winter storms, this sculptural architecture materializes from the city’s grid. A new land- mark on lower West Street, the shed houses tons of street salt, and a high-performance green roof harvests storm water to clean its trucks, while its faceted concretewalls change hue with the refracted urban light.”

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The Bronx Is Building

Read about the Peninsula, a WXY and Body Lawson designed mixed use development in The Bronx. The New York Times writes, "If apartments are sprouting in unlikely places, none may be more striking than the corner of Spofford Avenue and Tiffany Street in the Hunts Point neighborhood, home for years to the Spofford Juvenile Center, a detention complex that was shut down in 2011 over concerns about inmate fights, rats and a lack of air-conditioning." More info can be found in Curbed.


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Parks as Infrastructure and Transportation

Read the cover story in the American Institute of Architects, New York State's quarterly magazine. WXY's Principal in Charge, Claire Weisz, writes, "The dirty, industrial city in which the historic park movement was born is no longer the context. It’s not enough for parks to exist as single-use islands of tranquility. Today parks need to do much more: build infrastructure, provide connectivity and increase resilience—as well as offer urbanites of all ages and abilities the opportunity for exercise. When people were toiling away in factories for twelve hours a day, exercising outdoors was anathema to anyone’s concept of downtime. But by providing non-auto transportation, a park system becomes a place for moderate to rigorous activity—which, given the state of public health, should no longer be considered an amenity any more than transportation and infrastructure are."

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In Home of Hip-Hop, a Concert Hall to Honor Its Musical History

The New York Times and Curbed report on the ground breaking of the WXY designed Bronx Music Hall, a part of a new, all-affordable, housing project in the South Bronx. The Times wrote, "It is the latest move to honor the Bronx’s heritage, part of a continuing effort to burnish the image of an area that was once synonymous with urban decay and neglect."

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Behold the Next New Astor Place

After years of construction, Astor Place's new look is finally finished. New York Magazine reviews WXY's redesign of Astor Place, detailing the revamp of Astor's "old-fashioned graciousness" towards a fresh identity in 2017.

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A Notorious Former Bronx Prison Site to Become Affordable Housing

WXY's principle in charge, Claire Weisz, told The Architect's Newspaper, “The goal is to create a campus that incorporates living and working to reimagine this promontory place in Hunts Point” and as The Wall Street Journal reports, the development will include "740 units of affordable housing, 52,000 square feet of open and recreational space, 49,000 square feet of light industrial space, 48,000 square feet devoted to community facilities such as a health-service provider and 21,000 square feet of retail space." 

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New Car-Sharing Program Could Put Charge Into NYC's Electric-Vehicle Use

Adam Lubinsky, WXY managing principal, and Paul Lipson, principal of Barretto Bay Strategies, an urban policy consulting firm, pen an op-ed in Crain's New York Business arguing that "given our traffic congestion issues and that transportation accounts for an average of 35% of greenhouse-gas emissions in most metro areas, increasing EV usage and car sharing are significant steps in the right direction." Read more about their pilot car sharing program in Battery Park City in Curbed.

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Can You Guess These New York City Buildings?

The Spring Street Salt Shed is featured in The New York Times online quiz game.

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WXY Transforms Former Shipyard into Innovation Hub in New Jersey

ArchDaily writes, "WXY Architecture + Urban Design has been commissioned to masterplan and develop a 130-acre former shipyard into a modern 'innovation district' featuring flexible workspaces and a modern maker hub at Kearny Point, New Jersey. Working with owner Hugo Neu, WXY’s plan calls for the adaptive reuse of several former maritime industry buildings that once served as factories for warships."

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